5 Tips to Grow your Pink Zebra Business in the Fall

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With the brand new Fall/Winter 2014 Pink Zebra catalog just being released, we thought we would give some tips to our team about some things they can do to ensure that these next 5 months are really good!

Our 5 Tips for success in your Pink Zebra business this fall are:

1. Plan, Plan, Plan! – Plan everything. Plan some Pink Zebra parties, some Pink Zebra events, plan out your team meetings, plan out your promotion plans, plan everything so that you are making things happen for your Pink Zebra business.

2. Become Organized! – During the fall months you will most likely have more parties and events with your Pink Zebra business, if you don’t keep track of all your contacts, events, etc. then you could be missing out on potential sales and new team members.

3. Follow up! – You must follow up with everyone! Don’t be afraid of the phone, call people! If you have someone’s information and they have expressed interest in either purchaseing Pink Zebra or joining Pink Zebra then you MUST follow up with them. Many times people won’t just call you, they are too busy, but if you call them then they may find time to talk about Pink Zebra or place an order with you or even join your team.

4. Help Your Team! – If you want to succeed in Pink Zebra then you must absolutely HELP YOUR TEAM!!! If you help them promote, grow their team then you will benefit, and it’s a win-win!

5. Get Creative! – Offer incentives, or bundle some of the Pink Zebra products to help increase sales.

There is a bonus tip #6 included in the video!

Please feel free to watch the video, it is one of our weekly team calls. We are very active with our team and want to help them all succeed. If you are considering joining Pink Zebra then please contact us NOW! We would love to hear from you! :)

Marketing Tips for your Pink Zebra Business

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Some of you have not yet joined Pink Zebra, but if you are already a Pink Zebra Consultant then feel free to watch this video of one of our weekly team calls regarding “Marketing”.


In the video we talk about several key points in marketing:

  • Create a budget (monthly/daily)
  • Know your audience
  • Don’t be too wordy
  • Use pictures and video
  • Provide value and target their emotions
  • Create a sense of urgency

You can either use online or offline methods and some of them are:


  • your blog
  • email marketing
  • facebook fan page
  • Craigslist
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Vine
  • Snapchat



  • Direct mailing
  • Post cards
  • Brochures
  • Free samples
  • Catalogs
  • Products

Company Similar to Scentsy | Pink Zebra vs Scentsy

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Many people have heard of Scentsy, and we often get asked “Is Pink Zebra a company like Scentsy?”.   We also have questions about how Scentsy compares to Pink Zebra, and which company is the best when it comes to Pink Zebra vs Scentsy.

Although Pink Zebra is a company that is similar to Scentsy (in the sense that they both are Direct Sales companies, they both use the party plan method, and they both sell home fragrances), there are some very noticeable differences between both Pink Zebra and Scentsy.

1.  One of the major differences is age.  

Pink Zebra is a little over 2.5 years old (Started in September of 2011).

Scentsy is about 10 years old (Started in 2004).

Pink Zebra is still ground floor, and those that see the opportunity and join Pink Zebra now and WORK their business could be sitting very pretty in several years when Pink Zebra has 10-20 times more consultants that they have today.

2.  Another difference between Scentsy and Pink Zebra is size.

Scentsy is a huge company, with over 200,000 Scentsy consultants worldwide.

Pink Zebra has a little over 16,000 consultants nationwide.

We can’t even tell you how many times we have had Scentsy consultants join our team and say that they are doing better with Pink Zebra in a short 3-4 months than they ever did with Scentsy in 2-3 years.  They tell us that it’s partly due to the fact that they felt there was too much competition to sell Scentsy.

3.  Another signifcant difference between the two companies is their wax.

Scentsy uses a food-grade petroleum based wax.

Pink Zebra uses “SoftSoy” wax, which is a blend of soy and traditional paraffin wax.

This propriertary blend called “SoftSoy” gives several advantages including a stronger scent and longer lasting scent while in use.

4.  Another big difference between Pink Zebra and Scentsy is how the consultant places orders and receives commission.

Scentsy requires their consultants to pay for all products at “retail” cost and then their commission from those sales are paid out when commissions are ran monthly.

Pink Zebra allows their consultants to choose pay for orders either at “retail” or “wholesale”.  If a consultant chooses to pay wholesale cost, then when the consultant sells the products at retail he/she can keep their commission right then.  Even though orders may be paid at wholesale, ALL orders will ALWAYS count as RETAIL for the purpose of monthly personal sales.


We have been in Pink Zebra for about 2.5 years, and I can honestly say that it has been a blessing for our family!  We have consultants on our team from all across the country, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We have helped and continue to help many people on our team become leaders from all over the USA.


Pink Zebra….It’s Going to Take Time

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Pink Zebra is a fantastic opportunity!  Being Independent Consultants for Pink Zebra has enabled us to pay off almost all of our debt, travel around the country and to exotic places, and most importantly Pink Zebra has enabled us to both work from home!  Yes, we both work Pink Zebra full time!

It’s very nice to not have a “normal day JOB”, but we didn’t reach this point over night!  It took us a long time of working our Pink Zebra business every day to reach where we are at now, and we still are working to build our Pink Zebra business bigger and bigger in every way possible.  Some people think that Direct Sales or Network Marketing is a get rich quick scheme, and that is the furthest thing from the truth.  The way we see it Pink Zebra and other Direct Sales companies are a “get in and work your butt off really hard and build your team slowly” and get rich plan.

It’s going to be hard, you will have bad party’s or awful events, but just hang in there and keep doing something every single day to work your business and it will grow.  We all want that immediate gratification, and that just isn’t how Direct Sales/Network Marketing is.  You have to build relationships, and network with people.  Follow up with leads, and making lots of contacts helps to build faster.

If any Direct Sales company was “easy” then the entire world would be doing Direct Sales to make money.  It’s not easy, BUT if you work hard and stay with it, then it can be extremely REWARDING!!


Having a Blast Selling Pink Zebra!

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Last month we both were able to go on the Pink Zebra incentive trip to Punta Cana, Domnican Republic!  It was absolutely amazing!  Pink Zebra paid for the entire trip (of course we had to work really hard to earn it), and we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana.  There were about 48 other Pink Zebra consultants that also earned the trip, and we all had a wonderful time in a paradise setting!

You may be wondering how we were able to go on an all expenses paid trip by Pink Zebra, and it all started last August when the qualifying period for the trip started.  The qualification period ended at the end of February and we had enough points earned through sales, sponsoring and team member promotions that we qualified to go.

It really was fairly simple to do, we just worked our Pink Zebra business like a business, we did events, parties, and made lots of calls, and emails to people interested in Pink Zebra.


Mother’s Day is Coming Up, Give your Mom some Pink Zebra!

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Pink Zebra home fragrances make excellent Mother’s Day presents.  We have many wonderful and amazing gifts for home décor and home fragrance.  Feel free to browse the store, or if you are ready to order then please Contact Us so we can get you one of the package deals as shown below.

Gift ideas for Mother's Day from Pink Zebra

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day from Pink Zebra

Amazing 10 Day Giveaway from Us!

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Free Pink Zebra products

Free Pink Zebra products

Make sure to follow us on Facebook for how to win!  Details will be posted on our facebook fan page www.facebook.com/ThinkSprinkles

Paisley’s Pick Program is Going Strong!

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Wow!  Have you heard of our current promotion that we personally are offering?  It’s our “Paisley’s Pick” Promotion, and for the month of April the selected fragrance is Mountain Spring.  It is described as “A cool, clear mountain spring surrounded by sun-warmed woods.”

Check out this amazingly fresh and clean scent from Pink Zebra, and sign up today for our Paisley’s Pick program where you can receive a new fragrance each month for only $11 (that includes tax/shipping!).  We are having an overwhelming response to this program so CONTACT US NOW to get your name on the list!

Paisley's Pick April


Join Pink Zebra in April!

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Are you thinking of joining Pink Zebra?  Then you need to look at the April incentive to join Pink Zebra!  This monthly join special is the best offer EVER from Pink Zebra!

Join Pink Zebra in April

Join Pink Zebra in April

If you join and within your first 30 days sell $1,000 worth of products then you are rewarded with the Cathedral Lantern Shade, 1 extra package of Catalogs, and $100 Pink Dollars (credit to your account that can be used to purchase product).

We have team members that join Pink Zebra and reach $1,000 in sales in their very first home party!  The average Pink Zebra home party is about $400, so you could have two parties and you would either reach your goal or be very close!

If you are interested in joining Pink Zebra, and are looking for a team that will help you and guide you in building your business then join our team!

Click here to Join Now!

New “Paisley’s Pick” Monthly Program

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Paisley Pick Club-page-001We are excited to announce a new program for you!  For only $11/month you will receive that month’s “Paisely’ Pick” which is a brand new fragrance from Pink Zebra that is coming out each month!  The current Pink Zebra fragrance for Paisley’s Pick is “Paisley’s Punch”, in March the new fragrance will be “Fresh Cut Grass”.

Contact us for more information on how you can sign up for this program and $AVE!


Pink Zebra Makes Perfect “Scents”!

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Pink Zebra really does make perfect scents, but also Pink Zebra makes perfect sense as a business opportunity too! 

The 3 most importing things to look for in a Direct Sales company are:

1.            Ground Floor Opportunity

2.            Consumable Products

3.            Unique Products


Ground Floor Opportunity

Pink Zebra is only a little over 2 years old.  That means that the chances of you getting in and being one of the first Pink Zebra consultants in your area is a pretty high chance!  The ones who see this opportunity and get in and WORK it NOW will be the ones who benefit the most.  We can tell you that personally, we are glad we joined Pink Zebra when we did, but we also are very excited for all our team members that SEE this amazing opportunity and get in and are working their business and already seeing wonderful results!


Consumable Products

Why oh why would you want to join a Direct Sales company that doesn’t sell consumable products??  This business is about SALES, and if you sell a bag or piece of jewelry to someone, what are the chances they will need another one in 4-6 weeks?  Having repeat loyal customers is great, and something that could be a little more challenging with non-consumable products.  Pink Zebra has the wax Sprinkles, we also have reed diffusers, as well as soap and lotion, ALL of which are CONSUMABLE.  Also, Pink Zebra’s Simmering Lights shades are interchangeable throughout the year in conjunction with your décor and the seasons!  Which means that in a way they are sort of “consumable”, they can be changed in and out as often as you want!


Unique Products

Pink Zebra definitely has unique products!  The SoftSoy wax melts, called Sprinkles are made here in the USA from American grown soy beans!  The Pink Zebra Sprinkles are also stronger smelling and longer lasting than other home fragrances that you may be use to using.  Plus, the Sprinkles can be mixed together to create custom fragrances or unique one-of-a-kind fragrances for you and/or your customers.  You could even create your own custom fragrance and bottle it up in a Pink Zebra jar and sell it as “Suzy’s Special Scent”!  Pink Zebra also has the Simmering Lights, with the interchangeable shades, these are more than simmer pots to melt the Sprinkles and provide a great fragrance throughout your home, and these Pink Zebra Simmering Lights are also a great addition to your décor as well as being a lamp/light for your home.  Some people even use them as night lights!  Almost all of Pink Zebra’s products are unique!


With Pink Zebra you can make 25%-35% commission per month just on your retail sales.  Then with the compensation plan, you have the ability to make even more if you are interested in building a team and growing a business (like we did!), and we can certainly help you achieve that!

So in our minds not only does Pink Zebra make perfect “Scents”, (because all the fragrances smell absolutely wonderful), BUT Pink Zebra makes perfect sense to join and grow a business with the Ground Floor Opportunity, the Consumable Products, and the Unique Products!

Contact us today, or just join our team now and we will be in touch with you! 

5 Tips for Sponsoring / Recruiting Team Members in Pink Zebra

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In Direct Sales, and specifically in Pink Zebra, if you want to build a large business and have a nice monthly commission check then you need to build your team. 

Building your Pink Zebra team means that you and your team members are sponsoring/recruiting people into the Pink Zebra business opportunity. 

For some team members, recruiting and sponsoring people into their Pink Zebra business is fairly easy and comes naturally, and yet for others it’s one of the hardest parts of the business. 

Without a doubt, if you aren’t recruiting/sponsoring new team members into your Pink Zebra business then your team is not growing, and you are missing out on the amazing income potential!

So here are some tips for sponsoring/recruiting new team members into your Pink Zebra business:

1.  Talk to Everyone!

Pass out samples of Sprinkles to as many people as you can.  If you are doing an event, provide your information so people can find out more about Pink Zebra.  If you are at a restaurant, leave a sample with the tip.  When you are at the store, leave a sample with the checkout person.  Go into banks, realtors, doctors, dentists, hair salons, etc, and pass out your information and samples.  Literally talk to as many people as you can about your Pink Zebra business.


2.  Use Social Media

Direct Sales isn’t like it used to be 25 years ago, especially now with Social Media.  If you really want to grow your Pink Zebra business then you MUST be on and actively involved with Social Media, specifically Facebook.  Facebook is a huge market of potential customers as well as potential new team members for your Pink Zebra business.  Create a fan page, and then start posting.  DO NOT just post about buying Pink Zebra products or joining your team.  Most people will consider that spamming and will overlook it, or worse, they will unlike your page.  We know you want to grow your team, but do not always post “Join My Team”, or “Buy these Sprinkles”.  Yes, you do want to post those type of posts occasionally, but use them sparingly.  Post information about the products, or useful tips, or funny crazy pictures, be engaging and you will have more response!


3.  Create Videos

This is relatively easy to do, but yet something that most people procrastinate in doing.  Your videos don’t have to be fancy, just pick a topic and do a quick video on it.  Some ideas could be opening your Pink Zebra enrollment kit when it arrives, or posting on how to setup for a Pink Zebra home party, or how the commission structure works, etc.  Basically, the point is to just get some videos out there, and those videos will help you in gaining new Pink Zebra customers as well as new team members for your Pink Zebra business.


4.  Create a blog

Creating a blog and posting articles to it is a great way of providing information to potential Pink Zebra team members.  All you have to do is purchase a domain name (yourdomain.com), and then purchase hosting on your account.  We use WordPress for our blog, and it does have a learning curve, but it’s still easier than coding your website from scratch using HTML.  There are many YouTube videos, and other websites about how to setup a WordPress blog. 


5.  Be enthusiastic

This is a big one.  Be very enthusiastic about your Pink Zebra business.  You will attract more people into your Pink Zebra team when you are excited about your business, you excitement is contagious and people want to be a part of something exciting!


Okay, so there are 5 short tips for recruiting and sponsoring more people into your Pink Zebra team.  You can start implementing #1 and #5 immediately!  Start working on the other 3 a little bit every day, and that’s all it takes!  Sprinkle On!

Contact us if you have any questions about Pink Zebra!

Joining Pink Zebra in February is a Great Deal!

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Join Pink Zebra

Join Pink Zebra

Available ALL month long, this join incentive is a really great deal!  

Do you want to have fun, earn a great income, and be part of one of the fastest growing party plan companies that is still a ground floor opportunity, and have the chance to earn free products, jewelry, prizes and trips?!!  Then what are you waiting for!  Join Pink Zebra now, enroll with either the $99 or the $199 kit and you will receive $50 Pink Dollars (a credit to your account).  With the $50 Pink Dollars you can order supplies like catalogs, fragrance samplers, brochures, etc.  OR you can use the $50 Pink Dollars from Pink Zebra to order additional products either for yourself, to use as displays, or to resell to your customers!  It really is a great deal from Pink Zebra!  

This offer is valid until 11:59pm EST, February 28th, 2014.  

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions… OR  Click here to join our team right now!

Pink Zebra 2014 Spring/Summer Catalog is Here!

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Woohoo!  It’s finally here, and you are going to love all the new products from Pink Zebra for this spring and summer!

Here are the highlights:

Pink Zebra Sprinkles

  • 10 new fragrances

  • 6 returning favorites

  • A total of 60 fragrances + monthly Paisley’s Picks (Paisley’s Pick will be a NEW fragrance introduced each month!)

  • 5 new cartons

Pink Zebra Simmering Lights

  • 3 new Simmering Lights Bases with Liners

  • 12 new shades + bimonthly host specials

Pink Zebra Simmer Pots

  • 4 new Decorative 2-Dish Simmer Pots

  • 1 returning favorite Zebra Pattern Solid Simmer Pot

Pink Zebra Soaps, Lotions & Diffusers

  • 2 new soaps and 2 new lotions

  • 7 new and 3 returning diffusers

Click here to check out the Pink Zebra catalog for Spring & Summer 2014!


Click here to see the Spring & Summer Seasonal Catalog Insert!