Pink Zebra Candles for Home Fragrance

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Pink Zebra’s custom soft soy wax “Sprinkles” make gorgeous candles.  Did you know that you can create you own candle with our Glimmer Candle kit?  Yes, Pink Zebra Sprinkles can be used for more than just in your warmer.  Many people love the idea of using warmers in their homes and Pink Zebra has the best scent fragrances that you can use in any warmer that you currently have (although we do sell our own warmers too!), but on the flip side many people still prefer to burn candles in their homes.

There is something about a candle in a room that just makes it feel more cozy, and warm (or maybe romantic).  Did you know that candles are used in 7 out of 10 homes in the USA (according to the National Candle Association, NCA)?  So 70% of homes here in America use candles in their homes!  That’s over 218 Billion homes!  218 Billion!  Oh my that’s a big number and a lot of homes using candles!

Also, per the NCA, the most important factors that affect the purchase of candles are scent, color, cost and shape. Let’s look at these “purchase factors” a little closer, and how Pink Zebra stands out in these categories.

1.  Scent –  Pink Zebra candles and sprinkles are made from a soft soy wax blend with the finest fragrances. The scent is very powerful and is stronger than regular paraffin wax and will last longer too!

2.  Color –  What’s your favorite color?  Pink Zebra probably has that color available or you can be creative and mix and match the sprinkles to come up with your custom color/scent!

3.  Cost –  One jar of Pink Zebra sprinkles is only $8 (not including tax/shipping).  The prices for the pre-made candles are only $16 before tax/shipping.  Very reasonably priced, and for the amount of burn time they have and the amount of scent they produce they are just awesome!

4.  Shape –  Did you know that with Pink Zebra sprinkles you can almost make a candle out of anything?  Try pouring your Pink Zebra sprinkles into a wineglass, add a wick and there you go, your own custom candle.  Martini glasses work too!  Small floral vases can be used to create your own custom candles as well!  There are many possibilities in how you can use your sprinkles to make a candle.

One of the coolest things about a Pink Zebra Sprinkle candle is that they produce a wonderful, soft glow of light through all the sprinkles.  Here is a picture of one that we created!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!



Pink Zebra or Scentsy?

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Pink Zebra Candles, Sprinkles, Home Fragrance

Pink Zebra Sprinkles, Candles, Home Fragrances

We are often asked the question, “Which is better, Scentsy or Pink Zebra?”  Well that is like saying “Which is better, Ford or Chevy?”, everyone has their own opinion.  There are differences between Pink Zebra and Scentsy, and those differences are bigger than you may think, but what it all comes down to is what YOU think.  We used to love Scentsy, Roxcee would buy the scent bars like crazy and we have used Scentsy products in our home for several years.  I will say that once we found Pink Zebra, all those Scentsy bars are just sitting in a small basket in the closet collecting dust.

Every single direct sales independent consultant for every type of direct sales company will tell you that their company is the best to work for, or that their company has the best products, or that their company has the best incentives, and blah blah blah blah, BLAH.  My response to that is… “Okay, whatever!” (while rolling my eyes).  Sure to them they may think that their company or product is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but again it’s a matter of opinion, their opinion, which may not be what you or I think about their product.  On LinkedIn, one of the groups we are in has to do with Direct Sales, and somebody posted the question “Which is the best direct sales company?”  Oh. My. Gosh….Every single response was an independent consultant from some company saying that theirs was the best, sheesh, it looked like a bunch of hungry sharks going after a baby seal, or like when we were kids and you would yell “Pick Me, Pick Me!” when the dodge ball teams were being chosen!  Seriously people!

Okay, so why do people join direct sales companies like Pink Zebra or Scentsy or Avon or Mary Kay or Tupperware, etc?  Well probably because people love the product, it fits into their lifestyle, they enjoy working their own business, and many other reasons.  I would guess that making a little bit of money would probably be one of the reasons for also getting into a business like Pink Zebra candles or other direct sales companies.  I will say that in the short time Pink Zebra has been around, there are already consultants making $3k, $5k, and close to $10k per month.  That is $10,000 per month!  Is it because it’s a better product? Well that is a matter of opinion (in our opinion we say yes).  Is it because Pink Zebra has the best incentive program?  Well the incentive program is good, but other direct sales companies may have a better incentive program, but that’s not the point.  Well if it’s not the products, or the incentive program what is it, how have some people already achieved so much in so little of time? We think the answer is OPPORTUNITY.

I will save my comparison of the qualities of Pink Zebra vs Scentsy for another time, but if you are considering joining either Scentsy or Pink Zebra just think about this.  This in my opinion, is the number one reason for joining Pink Zebra…..are you ready…. drum roll please……..  THEY ARE NEW & UNIQUE & HAVE EXCELLENT PRODUCTS.  Okay so maybe that was 3 reasons combined into 1 statement.  The point is there could be more of an opportunity for you with one company over another, and only you can determine which one is the best.

Again, Scentsy has wonderful products, and Pink Zebra has wonderful products, but it isn’t just about the products.  It’s also about the opportunity to build and succeed in your own business.  Pink Zebra as of this month has about 1,800 consultants nationwide.  There are a ton of people out there that haven’t heard of Pink Zebra that use warmers to fragrance their homes, and some of them are tired of the current products on the market and that is where Pink Zebra comes in with new, unique, and fantastic products (again opportunity).  Scentsy is a great company, and there are many Scentsy reps that are doing very well with their business, but Scentsy has a ton of independent consultants nationwide, like close to 200,000!  Which is awesome for Scentsy, and it’s awesome for some of the consultants that got in on the ground floor 7 or 8 years ago!  Oh, wait did I just say ground floor, and awesome for those that got in when Scentsy was on the ground floor??  LOL!  Did you know that Pink Zebra is a ground floor opportunity?  (Just sayin’)

Go check out the link below for real people talking about joining Pink Zebra or Scentsy.  Honestly, how successful you are in anything you do has more to do with your attitude, your determination, and your believing in yourself and what your business is, than what the actual product your business has.  Sure the products need to be good and of good quality, but if you have two companies that both have good products, go with the one that YOU think is best.

Here’s the link to a forum where people were discussing this topic.


Don’t Let the Lion Eat You!

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Okay, so I came across this video on YouTube of a Lion getting ready to eat a Zebra for supper.  When the video first starts out you see the Zebra pinned down by the Lioness, and things don’t look good for our black and white striped friend.

Continue watching and you will see that the Zebra gets up, and then gets pulled back down 5 times.  5 TIMES! A couple of those times it appears as if the Zebra is done fighting, but he’s not, he musters everything he has to get back to his feet.  He doesn’t quit and he knows that the Lioness is stronger and more deadly, but he isn’t ready to give in, today is NOT his day to die.  He eventually frees himself from the Lioness and is able to make a getaway back to his family.

This video reminds me of how our Pink Zebra business is.  We have been knocked down and dragged down many times (not literally of course), and yet we get up each time and keep fighting that “Lion”.  There are many “Lions” in this world,  there will always be people out there trying to bring you down, circumstances happen to your business, etc.  But Roxcee and I say to you, “Don’t give up!  Get your Zebra butt off the ground, dust yourself off and keep trying!”

Pink Zebra - Candles, Sprinkles and more! Zebra pic

What are the chances that the Zebra in the video will die if it just gives up?  Uh, umm, well 100% right?!!  Well, the Zebra got back up to only get pulled back down by the Lioness.  So I guess the Zebra should have just given up, I mean he tried once and it didn’t work, he’s back on the ground like he was before.  Should he just give up?  NO!  For the Zebra, it’s his LIFE on the line here, his dream!  His dream of grazing in the plains with his family. Snuggling up next to his Mare on their dream prairie home!  So he tries again, and again is pulled back down, but he doesn’t give up on his dream, on his life!  He keeps trying, and keeps getting up until he defeats the Lioness and is victorious.

There will be Lions attacking you.  You WILL be knocked down, and most likely many times.  But it’s your choice on whether to keep getting back up and going after your dream, or to just give in and become the Lioness’ meal.  Starting any business is hard, it takes a lot of work, determination, and the desire to “get back up” after being knocked down.  But we think that starting your own Pink Zebra business is not only a great idea, but also it can be very fun and rewarding, whether you choose to work it part-time or full-time!  Feel free to ask us any questions.



Pink Zebra candles? Honey, what the heck is Pink Zebra?

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Pink Zebra sprinkles and candles

Back in January, Roxcee came to me saying she was interested in joining this new company called Pink Zebra.  My first response was, “Honey, what the heck is Pink Zebra?”.  I had no clue what it was, and so she proceeds to tell me that it’s this really cool new home fragrance company called Pink Zebra.  They specialize in soy wax “Sprinkles”, candles, reed diffusers, hand soap/lotion.  These things called “Sprinkles” are little soy wax pellets that you put into your warmers, or make your own candles with.

Although I do like the house to smell good, I’m not one to just go and buy the smell good things, I leave that to Roxcee. :-)  Anyways, we talked about it and looked over some of the information, and Roxcee decided she wanted to join Pink Zebra.

At first I was skeptical, we have never done any type of direct sales, and here is a company that just started in September of 2011, so name recognition isn’t near what some of the competitors is.  Well, two months after joining Pink Zebra, Roxcee was making enough to pay for our car payments!  I couldn’t believe it.  We also realized that some of the consultants that started back in the fall of 2011 were already making 4 and almost 5 figures a month from Pink Zebra.  So I decided that I would join as well, and Roxcee and I could “work” this “Pink Zebra thing”.

It’s been 6 months in the Pink Zebra business, and we are absolutely loving it.  (For all you guys out there… Yes it is PINK… Yes it is GIRLY… But you know what??… This Pink Zebra stuff is amazing, it really is a great product, and even though it’s all Pink and Zebra stripes, the money is GREEN!).  So guys, if your wife is considering joining Pink Zebra, then I say go for it, and jump in and work it together!

LOL! Why would I waste my college degree selling candles? You’ve got to be kidding me!

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“LOL!  Why would I waste my college degree selling candles? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

This is the response we received from someone after we told them about Pink Zebra’s home based business opportunity.

So why would this person think that she would be “wasting her college degree”?  Why would she think we were “kidding” her?  It’s probably because we are all told that we must grow up, go to college, and get a “good” job.  But what is a “good” job.  Well we don’t know about you, but being financially free and working from home sounds like a “good” job to us!

Have you ever thought of working from home?  I think maybe we all have at some point or another in our lives.  The freedom to work the hours that you choose and being your own boss usually seems like a very appealing idea to many people.

According to this infographic “Home Based Business in America” there is a home based business starting every 12 seconds in the USA.  Every 12 seconds!  That’s amazing!

Some more numbers here are that there are 38 Million home based businesses in the USA and growing!  Also, 70% of home based businesses succeed within the first 3 years vs only 30% of regular small businesses succeed.

It says that 44% of home based businesses can be started for under $5,000.  Well with Pink Zebra we did that for under $100!  Woo Hoo!

$427 BILLION is made each year by home based businesses, that is a huge amount, that is 427 with 9 ZEROS following it!  $427,000,000,000

Get this, 20% of home based businesses make between $100k -$500k per YEAR.  So if you have thought about starting either part-time or full-time with a home based business then we say GO FOR IT!  Work it hard, and you will be rewarded!

China Rose + Gentle Rain = Roses ‘n Rain

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So if you haven’t had a chance to mix and create your own custom fragrance with Pink Zebra’s Sprinkles then you are missing out!  It’s so easy to do, just grab 2, or 3, or however many scents you want to combine and create your own “Uniquely Yours” candle!  If you don’t want to have a candle burning then jut pour the Pink Zebra Sprinkles into your simmer pot and let them ‘simmer’!  Since the Pink Zebra Sprinkles are made of soft soy, when you burn them as a candle they produce no black soot like paraffin based candles, and that’s a plus too!

Here is a picture of Roses ‘n Rain the custom scent we created:

Roses n Rain glimmer


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Hello, and welcome to from Pink Zebra Independent Consultants Roxcee and Brett Weber.

Pink Zebra is the newest and hottest trend in home fragrance!  Made of soft Soy, grown here in America, our unique “Sprinkles” smell stronger and last longer than other paraffin based wax products!

Feel free to look around our website, and download a Free Catalog!

Also, we invite you to JOIN our fun family of Pink Zebra Consultants. This ground floor opportunity is proving to be a big success and is quickly changing the lives of the consultants who decided to join!

Create your own business from home that has fun parties, unique products, offers incentive programs like “Fragrance of the Month”, Host shopping spree, and “Just For You” consultant programs that earn you rewards. We are confident that your decision to become part of Pink Zebra can change your life and the lives of others in your community.