Scentsy vs Pink Zebra

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      Scentsy          VS           Pink Zebra



Ahhhh, the question of the ages….  Pink Zebra vs Scentsy?  People have always compared products and companies, just look at Coke vs Pepsi, or Chevy vs Ford, or Target vs Walmart, BMW vs Mercedes… the list goes on and on!

But in specifically talking about which one is better Scentsy or Pink Zebra, there are several considerations to factor in.

  • Are you looking to purchase Pink Zebra or Scentsy products and you are comparing the product offerings of both companies?  
  • Or are you thinking of joining/becoming a consultant for one of the companies and are trying to figure out which company is best for YOU… Scentsy vs Pink Zebra?

I will tell you that we previously used Scentsy fragrances in our home for several years, and there is nothing wrong with them.  Scentsy has some really good products, and they continue to expand their selection of product offerings.  Scentsy started in 2004 and the founders of Scentsy have done an amazing job at growing their company.  I personally believe that due to Scentsy ‘paving’ the way, it has enabled Pink Zebra to grow more quickly and be more accepted because millions of homes were already familiar with “wickless” candles and simmer pots/warmers.

Okay, so in comparing the products of Scentsy vs Pink Zebra:

Scentsy sells their wax in what they call “bars”, and each bar has 8 little cubes.  You will have to break apart the cubes in order to place the wax into your simmer pot or warmer.

Pink Zebra sells their wax in “jars”, and the wax pellets/melts are called Sprinkles.  You can either scoop them out of the jar with a little Pink Zebra Sprinkles Scoop (see your consultant for one), or you can simply pour the sprinkles into your warmer dish, no mess!

Pink Zebra Sprinkles can also be used to ‘sprinkle’ your current candles and bring them to life with new fragrances, OR you could even use the Pink Zebra Sprinkles to create your own custom candles (with Pink Zebra’s glimmer glass candle kits).

pink zebra spinkle versatility image005


Plus there are many different ways to “Sprinkle”, such as put your favorite scent of Pink Zebra Sprinkles in a sachet bag and put them in your linen closet or dresser drawers.  Just check out the many uses for the Sprinkles:


So as you can see the main product being the “wax” from each company is quite different, in not only how it comes but also how it can be used.  BUT the main difference between Pink Zebra vs Scentsy isn’t the wax, in our opinion the main difference is the “Ground Floor” opportunity that Pink Zebra has, and the extremely fast growth that Pink Zebra has so far experienced in less than 2 years!

There are almost 9,000 Pink Zebra Consultants nationwide as of today, and the company will celebrate it’s 2 year anniversary in September, 2013.  If you compare Scentsy vs Pink Zebra in their first 2 years, Scentsy had about 850 consultants within it’s first 2 years!

We actually have had former Scentsy consultants join our Pink Zebra team and say that within 2-3 months they are making more per month than they did with Scentsy who they were with for 2-3 YEARS!   Part of that is the ground floor opportunity that Pink Zebra has, and part of that is the amazing products that Pink Zebra has, and part of it is because they joined a team of dedicated leaders and we are able to mentor and guide them to their success (the ones who want to work for it!).

If you are thinking about joining a home fragrance company then please do your research for yourself.  You may find that for you Scentsy is a better fit, and if you do that’s great, but if you want the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with dedicated leaders that will help you succeed, then Contact Us Now!  Sprinkle On!  : )